Friday, August 28, 2009

Earning Experiences Writing in MyLot

Mylot is a fantastic way to earn money online. In essence, Mylot focuses on three main areas namely: discussions, news, and blogs.

Payment occurs as follows:

  • 1 cent per creation of a discussion
  • 1 cent + per response to your discussion
  • 1 cent per image click

The other benefit of Mylot is the ability to direct traffic to your blog or website via a link on your profile page, or via a signature on your posting.



It's much faster to use tabbed browsing to create new content on Mylot. If you simply create a new tab for each discussion started, you can save a lot of time. It's also a bit more organized.

Start New Discussion (Right Click to Create New Tab)


No exceptions. Ask everyone to be your friend.


If you respond to your friend's discussions, they will in turn respond to yours. If you become a familiar face, you will be the first to receive a response from similar users.


"Hot" articles will receive more buzz on Mylot. For your discussions, and your friends' discussions, click the + button.


Put a link on your profile to your blog or even your Helium Articles. It's a nifty little way to increase traffic to one of your websites.


Tags are key to directing users to your content. Learn how to maximize your tag usage. For example, use single words to describe your discussion, but phrases for specific people.

"John smith" instead of "john, smith"


Realize that most people will use the internet during the afternoons and evenings. If you post around 4 or 5 PM, more users will see your article in the "RECENTLY STARTED" list.

So, if you want to earn a few extra dollars a month with online, Mylot is a site that you definitely must visit.

Earning Experiences Writing in MyLot

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Secret Ways to Increase Earnings in Mylot

Mylot is an on-line community filled with members all over the world where you can meet friends and discussing topics of everyday life with them. You can discuss anything such as money, fashion, relationship, TV shows, music, hobbies, children etc. The best part is that Mylot pays for your posts.

The major concern for all the members of Mylot is to increase their earnings. In the early days of Mylot, four to five hours per day used to easily provide the members more than 1$ everyday. But as the population is increasing at a rapid rate day by day & presently its more than 1,80,000 which has reduced the chances of earning more as the earnings are getting diversified among all its members. But still there are some ways & techniques through which it is possible to double your earnings.

Now its time to reveal the ways & techniques which should be followed in order to increase the earnings in Mylot. They are highlighted as follows:

Building referrals
The most easiest & profitable way of increasing earnings in Mylot is to build referrals. It is the best technique through which earnings can be increased as Mylot provides 25% of the earnings of the referral to the members who have introduced them. So start giving as many referrals as possible by using all your contacts as it will increase your earnings without spending any time in writing in Mylot. So you could easily imagine that if you get 20 active referrals who will earn 0.20$ everyday, then it will provide you 1$ everyday without doing anything.

Quality & quantity
Mylot pays to its members for writing quality posts which means that while responding to discussions raised by other members it must be kept in mind that you should provide valuable information which will help other members. The writings should be grammatically correct & to the point which means that your writings should be about the topic raised by that member & should not get diverted towards any other topic. Along with this if your responses can provide more information, then its increases the chances of earning more. Also make an effort to participate in as many discussions as possible, also start new discussions and comment on them which can easily double your earnings.

Copy and paste
This reduces our work to a great extent as we can response many discussions and at the same time we can also provide valuable information. But to start 'copy & paste', its necessary to make at least 500 responses, so you must make an effort to reach 500 responses as soon as possible to start using it. But once you start 'copy & paste' one thing should be kept in mind that Mylot do not accept any copyrighted work, so avoid copy & pasting any copyrighted writings of authors.

Adding images
It is also an important feature which increases earnings, as providing relevant images of the topic of discussion makes the response complete. But here also for adding images 500 responses are necessary. So after reaching there you can easily use this option. Again, here also you must be aware that Mylot do not accepts copyrighted images.

Moreover, you can use Mylot for promotion of your blogs and articles. This can be done while responding to others discussions as you can easily provide the links of the blogs and articles created by you. But make sure that those links are relevant with the topic of the discussion. You can also use your profile for doing it as you can promote your blogs and articles there because your profile gets viewed by your friends and other members on a regular basis. There is also the option of including your website. There is also an important feature in Mylot i.e, the 'task' option from where by submitting and accepting tasks can increase your earnings to a large extent.

To conclude, it can be said that if proper ways, tricks and techniques are followed, Mylot is the best way to earn on-line.

Secret Ways to Increase Earnings in Mylot